SoundsGood is a conceptual tool that allows designers to generate, manipulate and communicate the auditory ideas in line with the visual and textual user-product interaction scenarios. It aims to enable designers to conceptualise auditory user-product interaction ideas for future products, even at conceptual design level.

By utilising previously created sketches, illustrations, photos or renders that explain the design intent for user-product interaction visually, it is possible for designers to create alternative usage scenarios within SoundsGood and sketch out alternative sound design ideas in an audible form.

Additionally, by allowing collaborative design process, SoundsGood facilitates deep discussions not only about what kinds of sounds to add to a product, but more fundamentally what actions sounds should be associated with in the course of user-product interaction. Therefore, it can be said that SoundsGood combines the need for generating user-product interaction scenario with designers' requirements for sound design and manipulation to conceptualise auditory interaction ideas.

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